we need the following site data from prospective sellers for our land value data base.  if you are a seller with a suitable parcel for this project please be sure to include this information early in the process as we will be scouting locations in all 50 states and as many countries around the globe as possible.
description of location, address
map, aerial photography
site availability
regional access (existing and proposed)
public transportation
neighboring land use (adjacent and beyond)
quality/stability of neighborhood
competition (location, type, size, quality of tenant mix, occupancy and turnover)
estimated trade area (map definition)
trade area population and distribution (densities)
community attitude toward commercial development
proposed developments:  residential, commercial
site data
plat (dimensions, size)
legal description
topographical features (visual, survey)
subsoil conditions
any known problems (water, rock, fill, other)
zoning, building controls
infrastructure elements
ingress, egress
visual exposure, frontage
availability of adjacent land for expansion
current on-site improvements, if any
daily traffic counts past the site
asking price and terms
conditions of sales transfer
options available
property taxes
assessment fees on sewer, gas, water, storm water drains, other
title cost
recording taxes
zoning (current zoning and permitted use, zoning authority, planning commission, local government)
building department (clearances and setbacks, fire zone and fire department requirements, inspection requirements)
highway department construction requirements
other, such as any local civic associations
legal description, title examination
easements and restrictions
filing of records
utilities and infrastructure
location and map of:  water mains, sewer mains, gas mains, electricity supply lines, storm water drains
any special requirements such as (public areas, special grading:  streets slowdown ramps, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, landscaping and screens)
any demolition required
possible use of improvements
Site Selection Checklist